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The popularity of candid photography is on the increase over the last few years. Though professional photography has its own importance, not all people look for such photographs in all situations. For instance, you may not want to take a photo with a professional pose especially if it involves your friend, family member or special someone.

Because photos with candid styles have a touch of casual tone, it is easy to do away with the recommendations of professional photography some of which may seem outrageous in general situations.

Follow the tips given below to improve your experience with candid photography.

  1. Carry Your Camera Whenever or Wherever You Go

Because a special moment may virtually come out of nowhere, it is always a good idea to keep your camera handy so you are ready to capture a perfect shot whenever you feel the need to do so. The interesting spin-off of carrying the camera with you all the time is that the people around you, including your friends and acquaintances, will be at ease knowing that they should be ready for photography at almost any point in time. As a result, they will be prepared for it beforehand which will make it much easy for you to get natural photographs with them.

  1. Do Away With The Flash

Probably, there is no clearer indicator that a person is being photographed than using the flash. From the standpoint of candid photography, it is an absolute no-no as a sudden flash of light can change a candid moment to a not-so-candid one. So, try taking a photo without a flash. For shooting pictures in low light conditions, think about configuring your ISO setting, open up your aperture or use a faster lens. You can also turn on the feature of ‘natural light mode’ in case it is available in your camera.

  1. Shoot Lots Of Photos At Once

When you take multiple photos at a stretch, it increases the likelihood of getting that perfect shot. Therefore, instead of capturing one or two pictures in the perfect pose, it is strongly recommended that you should shoot as many photos as possible in the continuous shooting mode.

  1. Find Out The Right Position Beforehand

As far as the rationale behind candid photography is concerned, it is all about picturing the spontaneity of a moment. So, the wise thing to do is figure out what would be the best position for you to shoot this kind of photography in a given situation. If you are planning for candid wedding photography, ask the following questions:

  • How the different events would unwind leading to the moment of marriage?
  • What kind of lighting arrangement or setting you are likely to have?
  • Which way will people face?

Getting the answers to the above questions will save you time or hassle at the eleventh hour. Also, it will eliminate the need to reposition yourself time and again while getting your camera ready to shoot the pictures.

Just like other forms of photography, candid photography also encompasses a number of technicalities. A sound knowledge of these technical aspects is of paramount importance to capture pictures in the best possible manner. If you are not sure how to go about it, consider reaching out to our portrait photographers in West Palm Beach, Florida for help or assistance.