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Pin-sharp feature is the essence of professional photography. Digital cameras provide various means to get sharper photos. However, to get the anticipated results, it is necessary to configure the settings correctly and use the right techniques while shooting the pictures. This rule applies to all kinds of photography: wedding photography, corporate photography and more of the same. The accurate selection of the AF points, coupled with the right focus mode, can do the trick.

Here is a list of the important modes to bear in mind before you proceed with the decision to take pictures.

Manual Focus

While digital cameras at present generally come across with the auto-focus feature, some variants also allow doing it manually.

Though the autofocus feature saves a lot of time and hassle, sometimes you may want to take a photograph in accordance with your preferences. This is where the feature of manual adjustment comes in handy. It allows you to adjust the focus based on a selected spot which makes it a lot easier to click a sharper photo.

Single Shot Autofocus

Single focus mode is usually used for clicking the photos of landscapes and still life. Also known as sing AF or autofocus, the option sets a camera to focus when a user depresses the shutter release half way to keep the focus on a single object until the button is released after a shot is taken.

If at any point in time, the user feels the need to refocus, all they need to do is take their fingers off the shutter button and then press it once again.

Continuous Autofocus

When it comes to focusing a subject in motion, it becomes difficult to do so with the normal modes. This is when the option of continuous autofocus comes to the fore. The best part about this mode is that it allows you to adjust the focus distance continuously as the subject moves around the circumference of the frame.

In this mode, the camera keeps focusing the lens as long as a user keeps the shutter-release button half-pressed. The same result can also be achieved by pressing the AF button and holding it for some time.

If you are using an advanced camera, you will also get the option to specify the AF points that the camera should utilize in order to monitor the subject during its movement. Still, it is necessary to check the continuous AF options of a camera if you are shooting a sport or fast action.

Added to these features, there are also some other techniques such as focus stacking, hyperfocal distance focusing, back-button focusing, focus and recompose technique, face detection and so on which our portrait photographers in West Palm Beach, Florida, use while clicking different modes of photography. Get in touch with us for photography of the highest quality in accordance with your requirements.