Portrait Photographers in West Palm Beach Florida

To most individuals, relationships begin with the formation of a connection with their family members. As a result, nine out of ten people would want to capture the special moments with them. While a majority of them have the picture of their family taken, only a few of them actually have them shot by professional portrait photographers.

Family portraits can be categorized into three chief categories: traditional, candid and lifestyle. There are certain differences between a normal photograph and a candid photograph which comes into notice when one takes a look at both kinds of photographs. While the former relates to a quick snap without much attention to the technical details of an image, the latter involves a greater degree of importance attached to the final outcome.

One of the highlights of a good portrait is that it not only captures the elements in details but also records the subjects in such a way that they look clearly distinct and professional in comparison to the normal images shot by amateurs.  All that it takes to transform a photograph from the realm of snapshots to distinctive family portraits is the application of certain simple techniques. These techniques are given below.

Capturing Expressions

What is the essential element which separates a family photograph from its other forms? The answer is simple – expression. Expressions add dynamics to a photograph, thereby making it more engaging. For unique expressions, try doing away with the approach used in traditional family portraits. Shoot from a distance and avoid using flash as far as possible. Also, involve yourself in instructing your subjects in a way that they find it both comfortable and natural. The implementation of these simple steps can make a big difference.

Candid Look While Posing Subjects

Regardless of whether you take group photos or individual portraits, a candid look is of vital importance as it breathes life into an image. Engage people in an open and friendly manner. In case you wish to capture them smiling, make sure that the smile is natural naturally – the more they smile naturally, better they would look in the picture. This will make the expressions in the final picture look natural and add more visual appeal to it.

Photographing Children

When photographing children, it is a good idea to use props as they can help capture the honest reactions of children to their immediate environment. This can make them the best subjects for a candid portrait. Proper care should be taken while shooting the pictures of children. Again, it is important to make it look natural. Depending on the age of a child, you can choose a unique pose to spice things up.

Final Thoughts

The secret to great family portraits lies in throwing the background out and keeping the faces sharp. This can be achieved by emphasizing on the eyes of your subjects and by the setting a wide aperture. Other than this standard approach, also think about exploring various possibilities from other viewpoints and angles as changing these elements can sometimes help with emphasizing mood as well as setting the expression.