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Choices play a major role in photography. No matter where a photo is taken, it is important to choose the appropriate angle, lenses, aperture and the depth of field for it to be palatable to the eye. Besides, photographers also need to make an informed choice of whether to shoot in landscape mode or portrait mode.

While some photos are suitable for portrait mode, others look great when shot in landscape mode. Thus, the decision on choosing one of the modes is a vital resolution you need to make before taking a photograph.

As for the decision of making a choice between landscape and portrait modes, it is all about deciding which elements you would like to keep and which ones you would like to eliminate from your photograph. Because this selection can make a difference between an okay and an amazing photograph, it will be to your benefit to make a consideration for the points given below.

Choosing Between Professional And Portrait Modes

Keeping the subject matter at the center is one of the commonest blunders most photographers make. When it comes to taking a photo, an important point to remember is that the selection of the photography mode does not come into the fore until you give up the stubborn habit of aligning the core elements in the mid-section of a picture.

You can avoid a number of blahs with ease by placing your target element in the right, left, upper and lower thirds of a frame. Keep the center clear as it is the point at which most people focus their attention. Play by the rules at the initial stages. You can set your own rules later on as you get accustomed to clicking pictures like a pro.

Take as many pictures as you can – this will allow you to experiment with different kinds of shots. Better yet, take an equal number of photos on either mode and find out which one looks more appealing to you.  Next, try to figure out why it looks better to you than the other one. This experience will come in handy for you in future shoots.

Placing The Subject Into The Frame

Generally, people prefer to switch between the two popular modes to fit the subject element or target into a frame. However, this idea may not always make for an ideal composition. Try out the other options – zoom in a little and then capture a slightly detailed portrait of your principal element even as it does not allow you to fit the entire body.

Many would argue that there is an option to crop the photos after taking them. That’s right but then again, there is a serious downside linked to it – it reduces the additional megapixels of the original image. If you have a quality camera, utilize its powerful sensors to click images in zoom mode. This will allow you to get nicer images based on composition.

Final Thoughts

It can be a little tricky to choose between landscape or portrait modes. So, take your time to choose the appropriate option. To simplify matters, you can center your decision on composition. By doing so, you will end up with better images.

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